Contact Lens Exam in Ridgewood

Contact lens exams and fittings in Ridgewood

Contact lens exam in Ridgewood

Contact lens exam in Ridgewood

Your contact lenses are a vital component in your life. You need them for seeing your best in so many situations. And at Vision World of Ridgewood, it is our goal to ensure that you have the best experience possible, so we perform contact lens exams and fittings as a simple and effective precaution to promote optimal comfort and no complications.

Each year, you should have a comprehensive eye exam at our office. Our contact lens exam is a more detailed version of it, taking into account that unlike your glasses, which do not touch your eyes, your contacts do. It’s your eyelids, conjunctiva, and corneas that meet up with the lenses, so our eye doctor pays close attention to them. If there are any reasons to suspect a challenge, it will be discovered during our contact lens exam in Ridgewood. In such a case, you may decide to switch to eyeglasses, or it might be possible to correct the situation so that you can wear contacts after all. Our eye doctor will discuss your options with you. The purpose of the fitting, conducted after our contact lens exam in Ridgewood, is twofold. First, are the types of contacts you prefer comfortable when you put them in? They need to be, because otherwise you’re not going to feel positive about wearing them. The last thing we want is for you to have a reason to avoid putting your contacts in when you need them most. Second, proper centering of them gives you the most out of the prescription that was written especially for you.

We want you to be able to use your contacts every day without fuss and without trouble. Most of all, we want you to enjoy sharp, clear vision at all distances. So call our office and schedule a time to come in for our contact lens exam in Ridgewood and a fitting.

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